Want to Make a Simple Video on a Chromebook?

How to Create Simple Videos on a Chromebook


Created by Richard Byrne from FreeTech4Teachers this is for anyone who has a Chromebook and is looking for a quick and easy way to create a video without having to install any Chrome extensions or Chrome apps. You can also share your video on Google Classroom.

In the following video it is demonstrated how to create a simple video on a Chromebook.

The key points of the video are:

  • How to access the camera on your Chromebook.
  • Where to find your video file.
  • How to share your video file with students.

Here are screenshots of the process, put together in a set of slides that are embedded below.

Wonders with Charlie

Charlie Engelman is a writer, producer, and director of two National Geographic television series, Nature Boom Time! and Weird But True. His writing and producing work has earned accolades and admiration throughout the industry including three Emmy Award Nominations for “Best Writing in a Children’s Series,” “Best Children’s Short Form Content,” and “Best Educational Program.” To-date he has been credited as the head writer on 45 children’s educational television episodes, and has produced and hosted over 200 hours of online science tutorials for kids.

Charlie’s work can be seen on the “World by Charlie” YouTube channel or on Fox and National Geographic Channels worldwide…

Pobble 365 – inspiring writing

The purpose of Pobble 365 (formerly Picture of the Day) is to make it easy for busy teachers to create engaging lessons. Every day, you can find an interesting picture to spark a lesson, together with writing prompts and philosophical questions that you can use with your students on a smartboard screen, or printed out with our easy-to-use PDFs.

Teachers now have access to this exciting resource whatever their time zone or term time. And so Picture of the Day became Pobble 365.

Pobble365 brings a new exciting image every single day of the year and it now has its own dedicated website. This allows us to better display our fantastic images in an even more engaging way and we have provided ‘in-lesson’ and pdf downloadable formats. So, whenever you feel you need a spark to ignite your pupils’ writing, head to pobble365.com and check out this free resource.

Here is an example: